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Press Release: Multiple State and Local Police Agencies Violently Raid Weelanuee Forest Music Festival, Week of Action Perseveres  


March 6, 2023



ATLANTA, GA–Last night, multiple police agencies dressed in militarized gear and armed with lethal weapons raided a local family-friendly music festival in a public park within the Weelaunee forest. They used excessive force to arrest dozens of concert-goers and threatened to shoot people in the park. The event was being held on the second day on the fifth Week of Action to protect the Weelaunee (Atlanta) Forest and stop Cop City.

Around a thousand people gathered in a field among the trees in Weelaunee Forest for a second day of the music festival to listen to musicians perform, catch up with friends, enjoy an inflatable bounce house and share food. 

A separate protest group with hundreds of people marched to the forest near the Old Prison Farm, the site leased to the Atlanta Police Foundation for Cop City. The march was in response to the murder of activist Tortuguita and a move to reclaim the Weelaunee Forest as a public commons. There are reports of construction vehicles and surveillance equipment being set on fire.  

Sometime after this action, police retaliated viciously by raiding the entire forest, arresting at least 35 people at the nearby music festival, including people with no connection to or awareness of the action on the other side of the nearly 600 acre forest.

People attending the festival say police tased concert-goers who were moving away from the commotion, tackled people to the ground and threatened to use lethal force. One cop reportedly kept an indigenous concert-goer in a chokehold while fully on top of them. Another eyewitness reports that a police officer of unknown agency said, “I swear to God I will fucking kill you” to civilians in Weelaunee People’s Park (Intrenchment Creek Park). The Atlanta Community Press Collective reports that tear gas and pepper balls were used on people during arrests. 

Despite this indiscriminate and violent attack by the police, the festival continued for over an hour with the crowd chanting “Stop Cop City” and “the show must go on” between musical acts. Then, an army of police forces, without warning, raided the festival en masse. Unicorn Riot reports that officers surrounded the inflatable bounce house, pointed guns inside and later tore it down. The heavily-armed officers then surrounded the remaining crowd, which included children, and deployed LRAD (acoustic warfare equipment). The police threatened to arrest all of the music festival participants on domestic terrorism charges.  In defense, festival-goers, park-goers, children, and musicians stuck together and chanted, “We have children here!” and “Let us go home!”. According to the Atlanta Community Press Collective, after festival-goers demanded to be released, the police checked identification cards of those leaving the forest. Multiple legal observer were detained and one legal observer was arrested.  Several musicians were arrested as well. Additionally, multiple reporters were threatened with arrest by police. According to DeKalb County jail records, at least 22 people have been charged with domestic terrorism. 

There have been many additional reports of police aggression that are still being confirmed.  The Atlanta Solidarity Fund stated, “Indiscriminate police violence tonight against Stop Cop City festival-goers. Police seem to be lashing out at anyone present at the music festival. Music is not a crime, protest is not a crime. People lawfully exercising first amendment rights cannot be held criminally liable for the actions of others. “

“Cop City will never be a legitimate project. It continues to be widely opposed by Atlantans. The civil rights violations committed by police yesterday reaffirms that this cop training facility should never be built. We stand steadfast in our conviction to build a new world in which all people are safe from police terror,” says an organizer who wishes to remain anonymous.

To support those arrested, please visit and donate to the bail fund.

Today, the Week of Action continues with a Faithworkers/Clergy Press Conference and city council address at noon, forest tours in the afternoon, a Purim celebration in the evening, and more. You can visit

for a full schedule. 

5 responses to “Press Release: Multiple State and Local Police Agencies Violently Raid Weelanuee Forest Music Festival, Week of Action Perseveres  ”

  1. I don’t know much about this, but it seems very wrong to me that the pilice are taking over the Weelaunee Forest when it should be a public commons. We need to preserve and protect our public lands!

  2. While I was not at any of the famous demonstrations of the 1960s and 1970s (too young) I was aware of them and see the SAME EXACT SHIT HAPPENING AGAIN. A festival of music which the PIGS do not like. The nearby wetlands they want to take over for their own fascist means, and plenty of heads to bash, and BASH, AND BASH.

    And local and county and state and federal forces trying to take us back to the days of Bloody Sunday, all the way from 1972. And further back, high school students hit by a high-pressure water jet from a fire hose during a peaceful walk in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963
    They want to take us back not just to 51 years ago, or to 60 years ago, but to as far as they can make laws to enslave and kill ALL indigineous people, ALL people of colour (and white helpers) and ALL LGBTQIA+ people (and their straight defenders), and people of faith that are not über-reich-wing Christians.

    People who can MUST do why they can in Atlanta, and everywhere else the reich-wing are trying to destroy the people. As for me, well I am a relatively old white guy who has problems with my feet, and I need certain medicines to keep me going, another thing the reich-wing wants to destroy. Were I not able and not have much funds, I WOULD be right down there in Atlanta marching with you.
    I am telling people I know here and doing what I can.

    Keep it going – they do NOT know how many of us are truly out here!

  3. I hope people sue the cops, especially the people not even near it and that there is an independent full investigation of all that happened. It’s not illegal to play or listen to music, nor is it illegal to protest. These cops need to lose their job.

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