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Media Advisory: First annual Weelaunee Food Autonomy Festival to occur at Weelaunee People’s Park March 10-13, 2023


March 8, 2023

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ATLANTA, GA — The movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest is seeing a surge of new energy with its fifth Week of Action (March 4-11), which will segue into the first annual Weelaunee Food Autonomy Festival (March 10-13). This gathering is organized at the site known as Weelaunee People’s Park, threatened by a contested land swap to real estate developer and Hollywood investor Ryan Milsap. The Food Autonomy Festival is an effort to bridge the offensive strategy against Cop City and Ryan Milsap’s proposed development with the community’s collaborative envisioning for the future of these commons. Participants will be invited to steward and restore this cherished forest, honor its complicated history, and share ideas, skills, and meals. Meeting each other in the woods will ground community members in protecting the commons as a path toward food autonomy and rematriation.

Highlights on the schedule include tree planting, foraging, a mushroom walk, grafting workshop, herbal medicine making, nightly discussions and a Community Tree Giveaway that will offer, from 1-4 pm on Saturday, 1,400 free native fruit and nut trees to local residents. Press is invited to join and document this inaugural gathering of farmers, activists, plant enthusiasts, and neighbors and to witness the ways that the forest provides nourishment, health, safety, and connection — an alternative to the degrading and life-diminishing projects that threaten to destroy it.


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