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Eviction Notice from the Mvskoke People to Mayor Andre Dickens and Cop City


Attention: Mayor Andre Dickens and the Atlanta City Council

Andre Dickens, Mayor and the Atlanta City Council
68 Mitchell St SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
United States

Contemporary Mvskoke People are now making the journey back to our homelands, and hereby give notice to Mayor Andre Dicken, the Atlanta City Council, the Atlanta Police Department, the Atlanta Police Foundation,the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office, and so-called “Cop City” that you must immediately vacate Mvskoke homelands and cease violence and policing of Indigenous and Black people in Mvskoke lands. We also ask for an indepedent investigation into the assassination of our relative Tortuguita and that the trumped up charges be dropped against Weelaunee Forest defenders.

According to the history of Mvskoke Peoples, we originated in so-called Georgia near the Ocese Creek in the valley of the Ocmulgee River. As individual Tribal Nations, we lived as stewards and in relationship to this land for more than 13,000 years until the illegitimate state of Georgia negotiated with the tyrant Andrew Jackson for the militarized forced removal of Mvskokes and Cherokee relatives to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. The state of Georgia has been operating illegitimately and without the consent of its original peoples ever since.

Georgia is the birthplace of oppressive policing, originating with Indigenous genocide and the Trail of Tears and the capture and enslavement of African descendants seeking freedom. Our ancestors who are buried here continue to suffer while the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia deploy the very same escalated militarized tactics against Black, Indigenous and people of the global majority that were used in Indigenous genocide and Black enslavement. The state and the City of Atlanta have a historical, moral, and legal obligation to cease the clearing of trees and land and to cease developing militarized weaponized policing.

Since the 1832 Trail of Tears, where nearly half of our people were brutally murdered by the predecessors of the very same entities seeking to establish a massive “cop city,” the colonial presence of the state and local governments of Georgia and police have unjustly denied Mvskoke people access to our homelands. As ceremonial people, we have come home to gather medicines, have ceremony, and be welcomed by our ancestors. This is impossible for us when Atlanta and Dekalb County undertake plans to build a massively oppressive militarized policing facility within what is known as the Weelaunee forest (paying homage to the Mvskoke description of the South River, Ue Lane or “yellow water”). For us as Mvskoke peoples to have a safe homeland to return to, the “cop city” project must immediately be stopped. Cop city cannot be built in the Weelaunee forest, in the city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia or anywhere in the Mvskoke homelands. Cop city cannot be built at all.

As the original relatives of this land and as ceremonial Mvskoke people, we stand in solidarity with the Black residents of Atlanta in opposition to continued genocide via cop city.

In solidarity,

Mekko Chebon, Mvskoke Ceremonial Leader
Fuswvlke (Tiger)
T. Gouge (Ecovlke)
Nokvs Holate
Jordan Harmon, Mvskoke Creek, Ceyaha descendant
Reverend Keyanna Jones
Kauma Franklin, Community Movement Builders
Yonasda Lonewolf, Indigenous Peoples Movement

16 responses to “Eviction Notice from the Mvskoke People to Mayor Andre Dickens and Cop City”

  1. We appreciate the Eviction notice as a step in the right direction illuminating the state of Georgia’s long extensive history of abuse against Indigenous peoples even with the formation of the “Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns”. However, I would like to take this time to correct the narrative of “Black Slavery” when in fact the reference to “Black People” is applicable as the Aboriginal People of America. It’s time to tell our history honestly and straight to the hip! The majority of so-called “Black” people in ATL ARE the Aboriginal American Indians forcibly reclassified. It is time we UNITE as a people with integrity to True American History and stop telling the status quo lies about America’s Copper-Colored Aboriginal Peoples as we are STILL here in great number regardless of the United States (including Georgia) continuing to KILL us on paper. This uncomfortable truth will set us all free as it is already dismantling the tyrannical rule over Wi the People as seen in the belligerence of a state-sanctioned Cop City to further terrorize Georgia’s Indigenous People (of color). AH SHo!

  2. So very well said my Brothers and Sisters of the Mvskoke. My family and I support you 1000 percent and I hope to travel down to join the ensemble gathered together to stop this boondoggle of a travesty.

  3. AMEN if there is ANY hope for the planet I believe it can only come from the international community of indigenous peopls ans nations.

  4. What a great action these people are taking against govt. officials/agencies to save their homeland!

  5. I was so impressed and encouraged when I read your letter identifying the Mvskoke Peoples as the rightful owners and custodians of Atlanta’s Weelaunee Forest. Time does not erase or cancel out the injustice done to your people when they were forced off their land nor does it change the facts of true ownership. The whole country, including myself, was shocked and angered over the murder of Tortuguita…which only compounded the crimes committed against the Mvskoke Peoples. At its very conception Cop City is founded on greed, failure to acknowledge the true ownership and value of Weelaunee Forest…and now we add to that the murder of an innocent man. You have more citizens of the United States backing you up and supporting your righteous cause than you realize…and you have the power of standing on the side of justice.

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